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Active Parenting is for parents of children age 3-18 who are tired of being angry and stressed with their child(ren).  Active Parenting teaches tips on how to avoid power struggles, set limits, and instill responsibility in your child.

The course will show you effective ways to:

  1. use non-violent discipline that really works

  2. open up lines of communication

  3. teach responsibility, courage, and other important character traits

  4. encourage school success

  5. prevent problems with drugs, alcohol, and sex

  6. defuse conflict with your children

  7. encourage independence as your child grows older

  8. stop scolding and start smiling with your kids again!

How It Works

Classes meet for 6-weeks.  Locations vary.  Pre-registration required.
Register below or call 540-942-6757.

Who Should Participate

Anyone is welcome to enroll in Active Parenting.
Referrals are also accepted through FAPT, Valley Community Services Board, court services, school guidance counselors, therapists, preschool directors, pediatricians and family doctors.


Fee is $55, however a sliding scale is available upon request.

More Information


to obtain additional information about this program.

Account Code: 08YAP

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