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Parenting Class Registration Form

If you are interested in taking a parenting class, please complete the form below and someone from the Office on Youth will contact you.  When staff contact you they will let you know:

  1. when the class is starting,

  2. where the class will be taught (or if it will offered online),

  3. how to pick-up class materials,

  4. make arrangements for you to pay the appropriate fee, and

  5. answer all your questions.

We appreciate your interest and will be honored to help you.

Are you willing to recieve text messages?

Family Information

Will your spouse be taking the class with you?
Is there a protective order in place?

If there is a protective order in place, a co-parent's name must be listed

Childcare Information

Is childcare necessary for you to participate in this class?

Emergency Contact (must be local)

Referral Information

Who referred you to this class?
Is a letter of registration needed for your referral source?

Thanks for submitting!

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