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Supporting families, educators, and community outreach in the Central Shenandoah Valley.

We believe in empowering adolescents with factual, medical, age appropriate knowledge and skills that will assist them as they navigate life by making good choices, developing healthy relationships, and embracing personal responsibility.

We provide classroom education in several area schools for grades 4th through 10th. We cover age appropriate, abstinence-based information on topics which include puberty, healthy relationships, bullying, internet safety, hygiene, contraception, and prevention of teen pregnancy and promoting healthy decisions regarding STI transmission, drugs, alcohol, and vaping. We also cover healthy habits and nutrition, awareness of relationship abuse, workplace skills, and more.

We encourage our students to communicate with their parents/guardians and we support parental/guardian involvement. Parents/guardians are welcome to reach out to our office for additional resources and support.

We provide knowledge in the form of classes and trainings to educators, camp facilitators, community groups, and more on pressing topics and concerns within the community.

Let’s join together to cultivate a community of young people with bright futures who can navigate life with confidence and intelligence. For more information or to get involved please visit our website or contact us directly.

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