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The Office on Youth offers the parenting program 24/7 Dad. The program is for dads and taught by dads. Thousands of organizations across the country use 24/7 Dad to: 

  1. train fathers to be involved, responsible, and committed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  2. teach men the importance of the father’s role, 

  3. teach communication skills, positive discipline technics, and

  4. introduce child development and more.

Become a 24/7 dad!

Dirk father of two young children: Dirk participated in a 24/7 dad class. Dirk’s father was a gang member, and he had followed in his footsteps. The class showed Dirk the impact of his actions on his two young children. He decided he did not want his children to have a father like he did; he wanted something better for his children. After taking the class, Dirk gained full custody of his two children. Dirk said, “24/7 dad was a changing point in my life.”

How It Works

Classes will be in the evenings. Locations vary. Pre-registration is required.

Register below or call 540-942-6757.

Who Should Participate

Anyone is welcome to enroll in 24/7 Dad.

FAPT, Valley Community Services Board, court services, school guidance counselors, therapists, preschool directors, pediatricians, and family doctors often make referrals.


The fee is $75. Financial assistance is available based on a sliding scale.

More Information




to obtain additional information about this program.

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