Youth Corps


Youth Corps is a pre-employment training program that provides valuable job training through on site job placement and educational training days.

How it Works

Youth Corps is offered for six (6) weeks during the summer. To be selected, youth must complete an application, have an adult recommendation and have a formal interview with OOY staff.

Once accepted into the program, youth will be assigned to a work site that best matches with their interests and future career goals.  The OOY is considered the employer and pays participants for the work they do at their assigned job site.  Time sheets must be kept, signed by the employer, and returned to the OOY for payment.

In addition to on site job experience youth are required to participate in several educational days that provide pre-employment training in such areas as writing a resume, interviewing, interpersonal skills, employer expectations, and managing money.

Who Should Participate

Youth ages 16 – 18 years of age in need of positive workforce training and placement.