Worksite FAQs

What does it mean to become a Worksite?


A worksite provides work experience, training, and supervision to youth participants in Office on Youth employment programs. The Office on Youth, the employer of record, pays the wages and is responsible for workers compensation for all participants. There is no fee to participate.

What must I do to become a participating worksite?


E-mail or call the Office on Youth and someone will contact you shortly thereafter with further details.

Is there a deadline for submitting a worksite application?


No, the Office on Youth continual accepts worksite applications and is always looking for new job placements.

Can I expect that every job I list in my application will be filled?


Unfortunately, the Office on Youth may not fill all open jobs depending on youth enrollment, job readiness, and personal interests. The Office on Youth strives to fill as many open positions as there are youth participants. If your positions are not filled during the present employment session, your company/business may be contacted to participate as a worksite during the next employment session.

What types of jobs should I be posting?


Youth and young adults with a wide variety of work experience and work interests apply to work through the Office on Youth employment programs. Feel free to post any job and the Office on Youth will attempt to match appropriate youth to meet your needs.

Am I obligated to hire the youth employees referred to me?


No. You may interview and choose to accept only those meeting your needs.

What are the expectations of worksites?


As a worksite, you agree to:

  • Encourage the personal development of each youth
  • Regularly communicate with Office on Youth staff
  • Provide meaningful work experience of at least eight weeks
  • Provide training as necessary
  • Provide at least one performance evaluation for each participant
  • Ensure that time records are accurate for the actual hours worked
  • Provide supervision of participants at all times (alternate supervisors may be identified)
  • Follow all labor laws, including child labor laws for youth ages 17 and younger
  • Provide positive adult role models


Can I hire the participant after the employment session is completed?


The Office on Youth strongly encourages worksites to consider their youth participants for employment opportunities after the initial employment session is completed. Many businesses find the Office on Youth’s employment programs to be an ideal opportunity to evaluate a prospective employee at no cost to their company or business.