Information for Worksites


As a work site, you have an integral role in helping youth receive a meaningful work experience. The Office on Youth expects that all work sites will encourage the personal development of each youth by engaging their talents and interests, helping them develop work skills and competencies, and by providing positive adult role models.

Please note that the Office on Youth is the employer of record and pays all participant wages as well as workers’ compensation. Upon completing a work site application, you will be contacted by a staff member. The Office on Youth is responsible for approving work sites, recruiting youth participants, matching youth participants to work sites, and providing support to the work sites and participants throughout their employment session. Office on Youth staff will be your point of contact for all participant related issues.

As a work site, you agree to:

  • Regularly communicate with Office on Youth staff
  • Provide meaningful work experience of at least eight weeks
  • Provide training as necessary
  • Provide at least one performance evaluation for each participant
  • Ensure that time records are accurate for the actual hours worked
  • Provide supervision of participants at all times (alternate supervisors may be identified)
  • Follow all labor laws, including child labor laws for youth ages 17 and younger