TPP Programing

teen_pregnancy_picOOY staff educate youth about the emotional, physical and financial risks and responsibilities of sexual activity and parenthood through two (2) age appropriate programs and as guest speakers in the community.

Family Life

Family Life is taught to area 4th and 5th graders and covers basic health and safety topics related to puberty, development, abuse, neglect, and hygiene.

Vision of You

Vision of You (VOY) is a comprehensive sex education program taught to area 6th through 10th graders.  The goal of VOY is to help youth focus on their goals and values in connection with abstaining from sexual activity and making choices to avoid unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and unhealthy relationships.

Healthy Choices

stop-dating-violenceHealthy Choices are presentations on specific topics to youth or to the community at large.  Presentations are given to large and small; young and old audiences.  Topics covered include but are not limited to healthy relationships, sexual assault, talking with your kids about destructive decisions, sexting and social media, self-esteem, abstinence, birth control, and pregnancy.  OOY staff can create custom presentations to fit specific needs.  Anyone is welcome to contact us to schedule presentations.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a program, please contact Jessica Marino at 540-332-3806 or email Jessica. We are happy to help!