Parent Success Stories


Marcie*, mother of four, ages infant to teen:  Marcie participated in Love and Logic (this class has been replaced by Active Parenting).  After taking the class Marcie shared that she was actually able to defuse an argument with her teen by pulling off to the side of the road, expressing that she would not be willing to drive any further until her teen was talking calmly and could continue the conversation appropriately. Marcie learned this technique in a Love and Logic class.  Marcie was able to implement other tools she learned in Love and Logic at home such as letting natural consequences do the teaching and being empathetic. Later on, the teen was in the car with Mom and Dad when the teen started to argue with Dad. The teen actually caught themself and said, “If we don’t stop, Mom is going to pull over and not drive. I think we need to settle down.”


Derek*, single father of two adolescent boys:  Derek participated in Love and Logic (this class has been replaced by Active Parenting). Derek became so motivated from the Love and Logic class that he also participated in For Kid’s Sake, benefiting from that program too.  Later, he came in and spoke with our Parenting Coordinator. Derek shared that he was extremely pleased with our programs and wanted to do more. He shared that he had participated in so many other programs and classes, and they just never fit or worked for him and his family. To Derek’s surprise, he found our programs helpful and beneficial for his family and their needs.  Derek plans to participate in yet another parenting class offered by the Office on Youth.


Frank*, incarcerated father at Middle River Regional Jail with a toddler:  While incarcerated, Frank participated in our Dad’s Inc program.  Frank had always felt that since he was incarcerated he couldn’t or shouldn’t try to reach out to his family.  After learning that it is important to to try and open doors of communication with his toddler’s caregiver; he tried. By doing this Frank was able to receive pictures and even a visit with his toddler and caregiver.  Frank was extremely happy and excited to have communication again with his toddler.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.