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American Museum of Natural History

Adler Planetarium

Tour the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array facilities and observatory   

Are you ready for a virtual road trip through the desert  to space? Located in the heart of the Atacama Desert on the Chajnantor Plateau of Chile, the NSF-funded ALMA observatory has been referred to as the “most ambitious radio observatory on Earth.” It consists of 66 antennas that work together as a single giant telescope to explore stars, planets, and galaxies. In the virtual tour, you can explore the facility and learn how the telescope works. The construction on this observatory dates back to 2004 and is still in progress!

Take a quick trip to San Francisco’s Exploratorium 

Exploratorium exhibit developers, scientists, and educators have curated a collection of videos to create a virtual tour experience. Learn about everything from soap film painting and chick embryo development, to the limits of human vision  In addition to the virtual tour, the Exploratorium offers a variety of hands-on science activities you can do at home.

Visit the sea life at New England Aquarium

 Have you ever wondered what Seadragons eat? Or how a 9,000 gallon Coral Reef exhibit is cleaned? The New England Aquarium’s daily presentations.  Take a peek at how aquariums function.


For a more informal STEM education resources for COVID-19 and online learning, please visit: informalscience.org/informal-stem-education-resources-covid-19-and-online-learning