About Us

The Central Shenandoah Valley Office on Youth (OOY) was formed in 1978 with the purpose of crossing government and organizational boundaries to foster collaborative efforts to prevent juvenile delinquency and develop youth programs.

OOY staff accomplish this through a balance of direct service to youth and active support of other government and community agencies.

Struggling youth and families need a scaffold of services around them to lift them out of their current situation. The OOY is part of the community’s scaffold of services that support struggling youth and families.

OOY staff have the single thought, “How can we help make youth succeed?” To that end, staff work with schools, social services, and the juvenile courts to provide the additional resources and supports struggling youth and families need.

Office on Youth Mission

The OOY develops positive connections between youth, their families, and communities.

Office on Youth Vision

The OOY seeks to create a future where all youth thrive in a healthy family and enrich their community.

Office on Youth Values


  • Demonstrating a sincere concern for others, for their needs and well being;
  • Empowering youth and families to achieve success;
  • Evaluating and Improving programs in response to community needs;
  • Providing opportunities for growth.


  • Anticipating and Responding to community needs;
  • Building and Maintaining networks for effective service delivery;
  • Creating a supportive environment that nurtures inclusion, respect and a cooperative spirit;Sustaining and Cultivating effective communication with community partners.


The OOY has many partnerships with other youth-serving organizations, schools, faith-based institutions, local businesses, and area non-profits. It is through these partnerships that many of the programs offered are made possible.