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So how much do you know?

      1. Are you in a relationship?  Want to find out how healthy it is?  Click the link to take the Love is Respect relationship quiz.
      2. Think you know a lot about birth control and STIs?  Let’s put your knowledge to the “Jeopardy” test.
      3. What is the biggest mistake guys make in relationships?  Watch the video.

It is important to talk with an adult you trust about sex, birth control, dating, unhealthy relationships, and career goals.  Ask that person questions.  Chances are, they would love to hear what you’re thinking.


Healthy Relationships

Watch some videos:

How To Talk To Girls, Boys and Everyone in Between
Finding An Adult That You Can Trust
Friends Forever


Watch some videos:

Bodies: Different Shapes & Sizes.  All Beautiful.
Puberty and Finding Out Who You Are
Boobs and More
Top Signs Girls Are in Puberty
Getting Your Period
What is a Wet Dream?
Oh No B.O.

Why I Don’t Like the Way I Look

Pregnancy & Contraception

Watch some videos:

The Contraceptinator
Control Basics: Condoms, The Pill & Patch
Long-Acting Contraception Explained

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Watch some videos:

What are STDs? #FactCheck
The ABCs of STDs


There’s an app for that: