The Office on Youth is now accepting online and telephone payments!

Please be advised that Paymentus, our third party payment provider, charges a non-refundable service charge of 2.75% of the transaction amount or $1.00, whichever is higher, to use their payment platform.
The service charge is added to the payment amount and will appear as a separate charge on your account statement. The Office on Youth does not receive any part of the service charge.


Please take note of the account number below, as you will need it to process your payment.  On the next page, please select “Youth Center Payments.”


Account Code     Description

01YSH                  Shoplifting Class Fee

02OOY                 OOY Payments/ Donations

03YCD                  Youth Corp Donations

04YFKS                For Kids’ Sake Class FeePay

05YLL1                 Love & Logic Class Fee

06YPPR                Parent Project Class Fee

07YLS                   Loving Solutions Class Fee

08YAP                  Active Parenting Class Fee

09YAM                 Anger Management Class Fee

10YES                   Youth Emerge Straight Class Fee

11YFSD                 Youth & Family Services Donation

12YTPP                 Teen Pregnancy Prevention Donation

13YEM                  Electronic Monitoring Service Fee

14OCAT                One Child At a Time Donations

15GAPP                Greater Augusta Prevention Partners Fees/ Donations



To make a payment by phone, call (877) 318-5780 and follow the prompts.